When ordering a MiVoice Office Application Suite base pack it will still be delivered with a certificate providing a Site ID and Serial number for initial registration. This must be used to license an installation before any features can be added using one of the new voucher based licenses.

In versions prior to 5.0, when installing an MCS system using a Site ID that had been delivered as part of the telephone system base kit, it was a requirement for the engineer to provide a username/password combination for the Xarios portal. This was to ensure the license registered was assigned to the correct reseller and would be visible to the engineer on the portal.

In release 5.0, the system no longer prompts for a username/password combination and instead will prompt the technician for their Reseller ID. If requested by the software, the Reseller ID must be provided for licensing to succeed.

The Reseller ID to be used is the same as the reseller’s Mitel SAP Account Number. If you do not know your Reseller ID, then you can find it out by one of the following methods:

  • Contact your Mitel Sales Representative or channel support and ask for your SAP ID
  • Visit the MiVoice Office Application Suite Portal, once logged in the Reseller ID will be visible on the main page.